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The image appearing on this page is the "Compass Rose"; the emblem of the world wide Anglican Communion. The Greek inscription is "the truth shall make you free". (John 8:32)


Anglicans belong to a church that is episcopally led and synodically governed. The fundamental unit of the Anglican Church is the Diocese, led by a Bishop. The Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island is but one of thirty in the Canadian Church. In order that there is a unity of faith and practice maintained across the country, the Bishops of the Dioceses meet twice a year as the Hosts of Bishops under the Presidency of the Primate. The Bishops' role is to exercise Christian authority, preside at the Sacraments, and preach the Gospel, as well as exercising responsibility for Doctrinal matters and the unity of the Church.


Through the Synod - the legislature of the church - the Laity (people), Clergy (ordained people) and Bishops are involved in the life and government of the church.


The Laity become members of the Diocesan Synod through election at the annual general meeting of their parish. The election to Synod automatically makes these persons members of the parish council. Every parish is represented at the Synod by its rector (priest) and specific numbers of lay people. The NS/PEI Diocesan Synod is held annually. The next Synod will be held May 26-28, 2011. Synod representatives for All Saints Bedford will be elected at our next Annual General Meeting which will be held in February 2011.


The Synod is a legislative body as well as an educational body where members learn of programs within the church emphasizing ministry and outreach.


Between the bi-annual meetings of Synod, there is an executive body called the Diocesan Council, which acts for the Synod between sessions. Its members are elected by the Synod and are joined by a number of appointments by the Bishop. The Standing Committees of the Synod report to the Diocesan Council and the Synod. Appointments to the Standing Committees offers lay people the opportunity to share their talents and expertise in various aspects of the churches work.


Synod Delegates are also elected to represent the Diocese at the Provincial Synod, which is comprised of the seven Dioceses in Eastern Canada and which meets bi-annually. Synod Delegates are also elected as members of General Synod, A tri-annual happening, which carries out the work of the Anglican Church of Canada. In addition, the National Church sends a Bishop, Priest, and Lay Person to the Anglican Consultative Council which is representative of the 31 Provinces of the Worldwide Anglican Communion and which meets every three years to discuss and reflect mission, ecumenism, doctrine, and social justice issues.


The Diocesan Synod encompasses the tradition of collegiality and cooperation. Each parish is not an island unto itself, but is part of a community of churches working together to fulfill the Diocesan Mission Statement. Undoubtedly, each parish will have its unique emphasis in programs, ministry, and outreach, but that can only be strengthened as Anglicans share with other parishes through the Diocesan and National Church Programs, Ministry and Resources. 

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