Envelope Secretary Print


The Envelope Secretary is to be only interested in offerings made to the Parish for which Receipts for Income tax purposes are to be issued.  Usually most parishioners use the weekly collection envelopes for that purpose.  There are occasions when other collections may qualify as revenue for Receipts for Income Tax purposes, such as special  bequests memorials, donations, etc.  Here again the Envelope Secretary is only interested in those offerings that qualify for such Receipts for Income tax  purposes and not items such as rent, operating costs, and services.  For "Gifts  in kind", when a parishioner wishes to purchase an item or to perform a service for credit, the parishioner puts a fair value on the item or service or have the item appraised and then have the Treasurer write a cheque for payment  of this amount. This can only be accomplished providing the item or service falls within the category of a donation.  The person receiving the cheque would return a cheque in the same amount to the church through their weekly collection envelope or in an envelope marked “donation”.  This procedure keeps the records straight, benefits the parishioner and satisfies the rules of Revenue Canada.  If the value of the item “donated” is over $1,000 you must have the item assessed by an independent appraiser who is qualified for such appraisals.  Used furniture does not qualify for a receipt for Income Tax purposes.
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