Greeters Print

This is a group of people who work in pairs on a rotational basis to act as hosts to ensure that the church is ready for the service. They are positioned in the Narthex to ensure that people receive a warm and friendly welcome, answer any questions they may have about the amenities of the church. Greeters should introduce themselves to people they do not know personally, so as to slowly get to know everyone in the congregation over a period of time. Greeters ensure that the service is organized and that people have the correct book, the service bulletin and the readings of the day. They ring the bell and remain at the back of the church to greet latecomers and to assist anyone needing help. They collect the offering, bring it and the elements to the table, set the altar rail for communion and act as ushers during communion. They also provide warning to the Sunday school when communion is about to begin. At the end of the service, they receive the books and other materials from the congregation and tidy up the church by raising the kneelers and picking up books and papers left behind in the church.

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