Mother's Union Print

Our Mother's Union meets monthly for a myriad reasons including:

• prayer and fellowship
• marriage and family life Christian formation programs
• community action (soup kitchens/school lunch programs)

We uphold the values of marriage and family life through prayer and Christian witness, so ours is not a fundraising society per se.



A Prayer for Families

O God almighty, so tender and merciful,
We praise you that
From you every family in heaven and on earth
receives its name.
Pour your love into our family life.
Enliven our blessings with your joy.
Empower us with your strength
in our times of struggle.
Guide us with your wisdom when we are perplexed.
Stir us with your purpose when we are complacent.
Give us your patience when we are frustrated with one another.
In the delight of your love,
May we always honour and enjoy every member of our families,
In their successes and in their failures.
And may our family be part of your blessing to our neighbours.
This we pray to the honour and glory of your name,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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